Multics50: The Initiatives

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A New Multics Text

A New Multics Text - In 1972 the seminal text on Multics was published. Titled The Multics System: An Examination of its Structure and written by Elliot I. Organick, the book described Multics as it appeared when its initial development was complete. However, by then an updated hardware platform was delivered and the book no longer described the contemporary Multics system. This initiatives seeks to rewrite the text based on the newer hardware and software.

Multics in the Cloud

A Multics Processor VM - If the aforementioned text is to describe Multics it is nonetheless a static representation of the operating system. In this way it acts like the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum. How much richer the history would be if the actual residents of those towns could be brought back to life! While we can't bring back these residents from centuries past we can bring Multics back into operation. With hardware virtualization of the Multics processor in the cloud, Multics will be available for the world to see.

A Multics Themed Conference

A Conference Commemorating Multics's Influence on Modern Computing - With the success of an updated published text on Multics, the first light of a VM processor running Multics, and the fiftieth anniversary of the initial description of Multics at the 1965 FJCC, it seems appropriate that a conference be held to allow the computer community to stop and reflect on how computing moved from the punching of cards and waiting for printouts to today's highly interactive systems. And what better way to view this progress than by holding a professional conference that features an operating Multics for all to poke and prod!

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