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Updating the Multics Textbook

Organick's 1972 text provides a comprehensive description of Multics hardware and software as it developed from the 1965 papers through its general availability in 1969. At the same time the book was published a second generation architecture for Multics was released. This new hardware and its accompanying software have not been centrally described and Multics is often considered as it was in its first generation.

The goal of this initiative is to write an updated description of Multics following the general outline of Organick's text. The book will also include features added to Multics that were not part of the original design goals. Finally, examples of programming practice within the Multics environment can be presented with a reflection on how they relate to contemporary practices.

There are perhaps half a dozen formats and approaches this book can take and it is hoped that the Multics and general computer communities will provide input on the best track to take. This page will soon include a progress table and forum interface for such a dialog among all interested parties.

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