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Multics50 is a name to represent the wish to remember and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the announcement of Multics to the computer community. Although Multics is most commonly described in terms of an historical object as its fiftieth anniversary approaches, those who worked on it and with it realize that it was a viable compute platform even as the last site shut down.

The purpose of this site is to champion activities and events that commemorate the influence that Multics has had on the computer industry over the past fifty years. Each initiative focuses on one event or activity and will be tracked on its own page. The links to the left provide details and status about the initiatives.

These initiatives cannot be successful without the help of volunteers. Help can be as little as making a suggestion that streamlines one of the activities or as much as immersing oneself in one of the initiatives. Any help, no matter how small is welcome and greatly appreciated. If you can contribute, please don't be shy.

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